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Exclusive and delicious beef



  • Shrimp and Crab Dip
    Cheesy blend with artichokes & caramelized onions, served with grilled pita bread and house chips$9.00
  • Calamari
    Hand breaded and fried with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella$9.00
  • Smoked Salmon
    Toasted baguette, goat cheese spread, red onions, capers, diced eggs. Avocado creme$11.00

  • Pork Fajita Nachos
    Braised pork, pepperjack cheese sauce, fajita onions and peppers, pico de gallo$10.00
  • Beef Crostini
    Toast points, braised beef, mozzarella, marinated tomatoes, horseradish & herb aioli$10.00
  • Jumbo Wings
    Your choice of one dozen buffalo - mango habanero - sweet chili - cajun dusted {char grilled finish). Wings also come with celery and blue cheese.$12.00
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  • Turkey Sliders
    Turkey, provolone, sauerkraut, grilled tomato, spicy mustard served on pretzel buns$11.00
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  • Meat & Cheese Platter
    capicola, pepperoni, provolone, cheddar, pepper jack, spiced goat cheese, berries, crackers$12.00
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  • BC Chips
    house chips, smoked gouda, bacon, hot sauce$7.00
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All of our salads are made to order. The chef’s recommendations are listed, but easily changeable. Ask to substitute grilled chicken, fried chicken, shrimp, salmon, or steak.

  • BC
    Honey citrus marinated chicken breast, mixed baby greens, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, carrots, apples, house balsamic dressing$11.00
  • Greek
    Garlic & herb marinated grilled shrimp, romaine lettuce, feta cheese, pepperocini peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced red onions, house croutons, feta dressing$13.00
  • Warm Goat Cheese
    Grilled salmon, arugula, balsamic onions, roasted red peppers, sugar glazed almonds, goat cheese, parmesan vinaigrette$14.00
  • *Steak & Blue Cheese
    Blue cheese crusted sirloin, arugula & spinach, apples, dried cranberries, spiced pecans, blue cheese vinaigrette$13.00
  • Chicken Salad
    Your choice of grilled, fried, or buffalo style chicken, romaine mix, mozzarella & cheddar, bacon, tomato, red onion, croutons, sunflower seeds, celery, ranch or blue cheese dressing$11.00
  • Side House Salad
    Mixed baby greens, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, goat cheese, carrots, apples, house balsamic dressing$5.00
  • Portabella
    Grilled balsamic marinated portabella mushroom, mixed baby greens, roasted red peppers, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, mozzarella, house croutons, balsamic vinaigrette$10.00
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  • Italian
    mixed greens, pepperoni, capicola, chicken, marinated tomatoes, red onion, pepperoncini peppers, cucumbers, parmesan, ditalini pasta, parmesan & herb vinaigrette$11.00
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    • Berry
      spinach, strawberries, blueberries, cranberrries, spiced pecans, goat cheese, honey glazed chicken, strawberry kiwi vinaigrette$12.00
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  • Chef
    romaine, turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar & mozzarella, diced egg, red onion, tomatoes, avocado, croutons, ranch$11.00
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    Add a house salad to any pasta or entree for $3

    • Lemon Garlic Chicken Linguini
      Pan seared chicken, sauteed spinach, cherry tomatoes & artichokes, roasted garlic parmesan linguini$15.00
    • Cajun Tortellini
      Chicken and shrimp sautéed with peppers and onions, cheese filled tortellini, cajun cream sauce$13.00
    • Seafood Pasta
      shrimp, bay scallops, lump crab, spinach, marinated tomatoes & pesto cream sauce, parmesan, mozzarella$15.00
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    • The Meaty Ziti
      Braised beef, sausage, cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions, meaty marinara, mozzarella, ziti pasta$12.00
    • Blackened Chicken Linguini
      roasted corn & andouille hash, smoked gouda cream sauce$13.00
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    • Pork Chop
      cream mushroom & parmesan potatoes, roasted garlic spinach, au jus, crispy onions$17.00
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    • Honey Bourbon Glazed Salmon
      shrimp & bay scallop wild rice & roasted vegetables$20.00
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    • Parmesan Crusted Chicken
      crispy potatoes with mushrooms, bacon & tomatoes, roasted garlic beurre blanc$16.00
    • Spicy Shrimp
      mango habanero glazed fried shrimp, swet chili rice, grilled zucchini & squash$16.00
    • 12 oz Choice KC Strip*
      Roasted garlic & herb an gratin potatoes, grilled asparagus, caramelized onion & mushroom demi glace$27.00

    • 14oz Ribeye*
      bacon & blue cheese whipped potatoes, homestyle green beans, grilled mushrooms & onions, horseradish demi$30.00
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    Simply Grilled

    choice of any 2 sides

    Chicken Breast $14

    Salmon $18

    Shrimp $16

    Pork Chop $17

    *12oz KC Strip $27

    *14oz Ribeye $30


    Served with your choice of house french fries, house potato chips, pasta salad, or cottage cheese. Substitute any other side for $2

    • Turkey Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese
      provolone, mozzarella, tomato, sourdough$10.00
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    • French Dip
      Sliced roast beef, provolone, horseradish and herb mayo, au jus, ciabatta$11.00
    • BC Burger*
      Ground beef and brisket blend stuffed with pepper jack, bacon & jalapenos, spicy aioli, topped with a sunny side up fried egg$11.00
    • Veggie Wrap
      grilled portabella cap, zucchini, squash, roated red peppers, spinach, avocado, tomato tortilla$9.50
    • Salmon Avocado Club
      grilled salmon, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, avocado aioli, honey wheat$12.50
    • Spicy Italian
      Pepperoni, capicola, braised italian beef, pepper jack & provolone, spicy peppers & onions, tomatoes, spicy brown mustard, ciabatta$12.00
    • Sirloin Sandwich*
      Grilled sirloin, horseradish and herb mayo, caramelized onions, marinated tomatoes, provolone, ciabatta$12.00
    • Chicken Focaccia
      Shaved chicken , aruguia, goat cheese, roasted garlic aioli, focaccia$9.00


    • House Potato Chips
  • House Salad
    • Pasta Salad
      • Pasta Salad
  • Home Style Green Beans
    • Soup of the Day
  • Sweet Chili Rice
    • Pepper Jack Mac
  • Red Bliss Whipped Potatoes
    • House French Fries
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Roasted Garlic Sauteed Spinach
    • Grilled Asparagus
    • Baked Potato
    • Creamy Parmesan Potatoes
    • Hummus
    • Fresh Fruit
    • Roasted Veggies


    • Pepsi
    • Diet Pepsi
    • Dr. Pepper
    • Diet Dr. Pepper
    • Mt. Dew
    • Sierra Mist
    • Lemonade
    • Root Beer
    • Iced Tea
    • Juice
    • Hot Tea
    • Hot Chocolate

    • Coffee


    • Budweiser
    • Bud Light
    • Budweiser Select
    • Coors Light
    • Miller Lite
    • Michelob Ultra
    • Guiness
    • Stella Artois
    • O'Douls
    • Woodchuck Gumption Apple Cider
    • Corona
    • Corona Light
    • Heineken
    • Newcastle
    • Boulevard Single Wide IPA
    • Boulevard Pale Ale
    • Crispin Hard Pear Cider
    • Row Hard Root Beer


    • Tito's Moscow Mule
      tito's, ginger beer & lime
    • BC Tea
      our take on a Lon Island
    • Bulleit Rye Manhattan
      Served up or on the rocks
    • BAM
      a really BIG margarita
    • Cranberry Fizz
      Skyy Cranberry, club soda & lime
  • Peach Blush
    X-rated peach, grapefruit vodka & cranberry
    • Flamin' Beaver
      Fireball & Woodchuck hard cider
    • Horsefeather
      J. Reiger & Co, ginger beer, bitters
    • Tale of Two Cities
      J. Reiger & Co, Big O & Compari
  • Stilleto
    larceny, amaretto & lemon juice
    • Row Hard Root Beer Float


    • Lemon Tini
    • Double D Cosmo
    • Pineapple Upside Down
    • Chata Tini
    • Pickle Martini


    • Bud Light
    • Boulevard Wheat
    • Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale
    • Boulevard Tank 7
    • KC BiER Co. Dunkel
    • Seasonal


    • Mezza Corona Chardonnay
      Subtle flavors of peach, nectarine, pear & spice
    • Carneros Highway Chardonnay
      pineapple, orange, buttery and vanilla from oak
    • Mezza Corona Pinot Grigio
      Crisp green apple with mineral & honeysuckle notes
    • Cliffhanger Pinot Grigio
      Chamomile, dry flowers, fresh melon & white peach
    • La Playa Estate Sauvignon Blanc
      Aromas of lemon with fresh pineapple & hints of lavender
    • Mezza Corona Moscato
      Apricot & passion fruit with airy scents of gardenia
    • Kreusch Piesporter Michelsberg
      Delightfully dry riesling, with apple & grapefruit flavors
    • Longlake White Zinfandel
      Sweet with simple raspberry & jasmine flavors
    • Mezza Corona Rose
      wild red berries with floral notes of roses and geranium


    • Mezza Corona Merlot
      Plum, clove & vanilla notes
    • Maggio Merlot
      Berry & vanilla flavors with a dried cherry finish
    • Mezza Corona Cabernet
      Black currant, blueberry & fresh red fruit notes
    • Leese Fitch Cabernet
      Toffee, dark cherry, dutch cocoa, tea leaf, & fig
    • Mezza Corona Pinot Noir
      Bright red cherry, blackberry & brown spice
    • Block Nine Pinot Noir
      Cherry, cranberry, persimmon, cola & tobacco flavors
    • Domaine Bousquet Malbec
      Red & black currants, plum, aromas of blackberry
    • Querceto Chianti
      Smoke, tobacco, incense, licorice & dark cherries
    • Yalumba Y Series Shiraz
      Boysenberry & cherry with blood plum, beetroot & szechwan pepper
    • Ca'Momi Rosso Di Napa
      Earthy red blend ripe with strawberry & raspberry flavor

    served with your choice of two sides